Whiteboard Explainer Videos or Scribes, what is the Difference?

There looks to be some confusion with regards to the language being employed once it involves ‘whiteboard vogue explainer videos’ or what will typically be referred to as ‘scribe videos’. The later looks to be a lot of orientated round the United States of America market, while each scribe videos and whiteboard videos square measure one within the same factor. and positively this can be to not be confused with interactive whiteboards, that could be a whole totally different product entirely, one thing faculty} or college would use, on no account United States of America.

I suppose 1st of all we must always outline what a whiteboard or scribe video truly is. In basic terms this can be a video that uses an understandable white background and also the ‘animation’ entirely depends on observance a hand holding a marker pen attract an image in time with a vocalization. the image generally could be a reinforcement of the dialogue therefore tends to be terribly literal, and once a scene has been drawn, it pauses for a short moment to let the viewer digest then moves on to draw a brand new scene.

Within a median one minute whiteboard explainer video you’d generally expect to envision around five to seven main drawings or scenes being drawn in. this will vary because it depends on the extent of detail and points that the dialogue is creating, however is sometimes an honest place to begin. therefore in it’s truest type and the way it absolutely was originally supposed, a standard whiteboard video is sort of merely a hand drawing black outlines to make scenes, in-time with a vocalization.

Whilst the top results may perhaps appear as if a camera has been accustomed film somebody truly drawing a scene ‘live’ this actually is much from the reality. Like ninetieth of the whiteboard videos created commercially, package is employed to present the ‘illusion’ of a true hand drawing. the method is really slightly a lot of advanced than the top results recommend, however by operating digitally it permits for bigger accuracy, continuity and a quicker production method.

The hand that you simply see traveling the screen is really 2 images in slightly totally different positions holding a pen. The pen itself is un-branded and that we edit in company logos onto the pen to produce that further component of personalisation. The lines that you simply then see being drawn in square measure created victimisation Vector graphic package, particularly Adobe artist. this enables United States of America to rough in every scene 1st then rigorously trace with clean correct vector lines. These digital files square measure then foreign into he whiteboard animation package, that then smartly tracks the vector lines and provides the illusion that the hand is drawing the lines in.

Working this manner permits United States of America to create fast changes to the drawings if needed, and makes it easier to time drawings to the dialogue and ultimately produce higher quality, a lot of participating videos.



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